HGBS Bundles
HGBS Bundles
HGBS Bundles
HGBS Bundles

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Just-A-Bundle collection is created for customers who just want to purchase 1 bundles at this time.  However; it is always better to purchase more than 1 bundle as it is a better deal and price to order more than 1 bundle at a time.  You can get a package deal of more bundles for less per bundles than what you would get than if you were to buy 1 bundle at a time.  There are different options and colors to choose from in this option.  Benefits of choosing our hair/bundles:

  • Hair can be colored, bleached, or chemically processed.
  • Can be washed, brushed, combed & re-installed or reused numerous times.
  • Hair is bouncy, smooth & soft.
  • Different hair products can be applied.
  • Can be flat-ironed, straightened, blow dried & returned to its natural & original state or texture.
  • ALL hair is co-washed (smells amazing) before sending.
  • Pre-bleached knots as well as pre-plucked.
  • No shedding.
  • No tangling.
  • Lasts an exceedingly long time, can be used for months, years or however long you want it to last if the hair is cared for properly.  Most customers have the same hair 1-3yrs before replacing.