Yes, We Do Wig Parties!!!

Holy Grail of Beauty Supply,LLC Wig Parties

Lace Frontal or Closure on Mesh Dome Caps!

You maybe wondering at this point what is a wig party?  Well a wig party is where Holy Grail of Beauty Supply would come to you and teach the party how to create /make their own wig!  Party group consists of a group of 6 (minimum)-20 (max).  Each individual at the party is setup with equipment and tools provided by us so they can make their wig.  Everyone will be shown step by step how to make their own frontal or closure wig to take home with them.  There will be a roster handed out at the beginning of the party just to give an outline of the party details.  Everybody will be measured and shown how to measure before beginning our wigs.  There will be 3 wig games incorporated into our party after we make our wigs.  There will be 1 group chosen as a winner from the games to receive a prize.  At the end of the wig party there will be one party bag for each person (gift bags) handed out as a starter kit for you to keep your wig fresh and for the upkeep of the wig.  Included in the bag will also be other items as well as wig instructions and a step by step list of what we did to make our wig during the party.

What's supplied for the party by Holy Grail of Beauty Supply,LLC?

  • Machines
  • Thread  
  • Bobbins
  • Wig Caps (Mesh material)
  • Measuring Tapes
  • Needles
  • Shears
  • Wig Stands
  • Canvas wood block heads
  • T-Pins
  • Metallic sharpies or chalk for wigs 
  • (A choice to buy our hair kit to supply you for your wig) This is a separately added item for purchase to supply you with the hair extensions to make your wig.  You can choose hair from our collection and we will add in the price of the hair to the party price. You will not be charged full price on hair kit since it will be included in the party cost.

What's supplied for the party by you?

  • A choice of buying your own hair weft extensions to bring to the party with you to make your wig.
  • A choice of your own wig cap or material if you decide to use another type other than what is supplied.
  • Pre-Colored hair or any other items or accessories you may like to add other than what is provided.
(This option you will need to have clean, new and unused hair that is not already cut.)  I will also have to explain to you what kind of hair and the quantity of that is needed to make the wig.   

For more inquiries and specific pricing please submit your information and best time to be to be contacted for more details below.