The Blue Print to Becoming Holy Grail of Beauty Supply,LLC

Who is Holy Grail of Beauty Supply,LLC?

                   Holy Grail of Beauty Supply, LLC is an online beauty supply store created and founded by myself,  Messiah Jones.  The company started out as a small seed planted in the back of my mind as only a dream.  I didn't believe in the process at the beginning, I didn't believe in the thought of stepping out on faith, I didn't believe in feeding my own growth through my passion.  I didn't believe in confronting the fear of investing in myself; which is now my motivation in operating my own business today!  I began with a passion and love for creating!  The passion and drive for being artistic, care free and loving what you do!  I started out at the age of 7yrs. old, braiding, styling hair and imaging I'd one day grow my passion into something bigger!  I always wanted to own my own salon, store and become a platform artist in the beauty industry.  As I grew up my life plan was put on hold due to becoming pregnant at 18.  At that moment I made a decision to put my dream on hold to provide for my unborn child.  I put my love for hair on the back burner which led me on the path to nursing.  I began in the nursing field in 2008 and continued on until 2012.  In between those years I was dealing with personal issues and began to feel hopeless and useless.  I was fighting how I felt internally, while trying to be strong on the outer appearance. I went from job to job, school to school, place to place, trying to fill the void of not being happy and not pursuing my dreams.  During that year I felt really down, depressed, and unfulfilled.  I felt like I was wasting my talents, and I knew there was so much more I could do to help myself and others.  I then made a plan to get back into what I have always done on the side as a hobby, hair! My passion for hair never went away, so I made a commitment to go to hair school that year at Empire Beauty School!  Upon graduation I worked for Hair Cuttery, and started to do what I loved!  I worked there for a year while preparing for my state board exam.  I failed the test 2 times before actually passing the exam which became discouraging to me and I began to lose my will to fight for what I always wanted.  I took a break from hair and got back into nursing.  I was still going through many struggles during the time and found it hard to focus on anything.  I was always helping others and finding a way to help someone else.  The only problem was I always seemed to help the wrong people, people who took advantage.  After taking that break for a while I became strong again and was tired of not reaching the 1 goal I set out for myself.  I had been going through so many disappointments, struggling at home, so many trials and tribulations it finally made me tired!  I sat long and hard, crying, praying and asking God "How can I do what I love to do all while helping others who deserve to be helped?"  "How can I join my passion for hair and beauty with my passion for helping other people?" "How can this help?"  After sitting and thinking for a while I seen a way I could help people suffering from illnesses that caused hair loss while giving them a feeling of self confidence.  I decided then I would begin the blue print to Holy Grail of Beauty Supply, LLC.  (At the time it was called "Holy Grail of Hair")  The goal was to start a hair business creating wigs for people losing their hair due to illnesses, like medical wigs. By this time it was the year 2014.  I began my first business that year in Pennsylvania as Holy Grail of Hair.  I worked at it for a while before feeling like it just wasn't building the way I wanted it to.  I failed at my business the first time, but I learned what I did wrong and how to come back strong later.  Soon after 2016 I moved to MD, and then here to VA to start fresh for my children and myself.  I got my degree and added on to my medical career.  Over the years I researched and studied the industry and how to build a successful business.  I researched resources and watched different YouTube videos, red blogs and attended different seminars.  A great business mentor was even placed on my path along the way, who is now my mentor today!  The law of attraction is real!  What you put out into the universe will come back to you!  I always asked and prayed for the things that became a part of my life path.  Over the years I grew and so did my network and resources.  I decided that now was the perfect time and opportunity to give my dream my all.  It was time to INVEST IN ME!  I revamped my plan, my goal, and my mindset so I could move forward.  I had gained the necessary knowledge and strength to do what I always loved to do!  I stepped out on faith and changed my perspective on life.  The thing is nothing can get in the way of what you want to do for you but you!  You have to know you can do whatever it is you want to do.  That mindset alone helped me to begin Holy Grail of Beauty Supply, LLC.  Holy Grail of Beauty Supply's mission is to provide our educational background and experience of cosmetology to educate our customers on hair care!  The goal is to inspire another to push ahead no matter what, don't give up on your dreams!  I am here to supply a variety of quality products to choose from for the customer in a timely fashion.  Holy Grail of Beauty Supply wants to solve a problem we all have experience; which is receiving high quality service.  I am here to serve you, the customer!  My customers feedback, experience, review and happiness is what matters most to me.  I value your input on Holy Grail of Beauty Supply, LLC.  I intend to build a partnership with my customers and get to know my customers and build a unique service for them.  I also intend to build a business who gives back by creating customized wigs to donate to individuals who suffer an illness causing hair loss and to later educate my customers through webinar classes.  I would love to connect with you all and find out how I can help you?