Important Information

Our refund/return policy:

  Holy Grail of Beauty Supply understands mistakes & issues do arise however; we WILL NOT ACCEPT returns on ANY hair products, custom units, pre-made units or bundles of any sorts.  Therefore; please make sure of the color you are ordering, the size measurements, and style is the correct option of your desired choice!  Once the order is out for shipment or delivery there is no way for us to fix the error.  We can however change your order before order is out for shipment.  If there are bundles or a pre-made unit you have ordered and would like to exchange that is a small issue that can be fixed before hand.  ALL ITEMS MUST REMAIN IN THE SAME PACKAGING & CONDITION IT WAS SENT IN.  HOWEVER; THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS MADE ON HAIR.  If there is an issue with the way the unit is fitting or not fitting alterations can be made free of charge to the customer.  Due to our commitment of ensuring ALL customers receive proper & cleanly products, it is a sanitary risk to allow units to be returned after it is out of our hands & received by a customer only to return days or weeks later.  This is a risk we will not be willing to take.  Therefore; please be sure to read over all details of your order to ensure you have ordered your desired products or hair package.  More Info

NEW Custom Color Policy:

  Holy Grail of Beauty Supply, LLC will now have all new customers or clients who have not purchased custom colored products from us sign an authorization form/acknowledgment form they have no known allergies to any color products, authorization to color the unit or products of choice & acknowledgment that there are no returns for these products due to any allergic reaction.  This will give knowledge to the customer is aware custom coloring the product will be a chemical process in order to change the color of the hair which can have a possibility of causing skin irritation or an allergic reaction.  If you have never wore color before it is best to have a color/skin test done to ensure there is no allergy to the hair color products we use to custom color.  This will ensure the customer will be safe to have the hair safely custom colored & save everyone of a potential hassle & issue.  This will also ensure that Holy Grail of Beauty Supply, LLC will NOT be responsible for any allergy that may flare due to a customer using or ordering a product that they are sensitive to. Get Forms Now

Shipping Updates:

  Normal shipping times are between 3-8 business days.  However; due to the current global pandemic we are all experiencing at this time shipments have been between 10-15 business days.  If you are ordering a certain product or unit you want for a certain date please place the order 2-3 weeks in advance of your special event.  We want to do our best with getting you the correct items, within a reasonable time for when the product is needed.  Some items maybe out of stock & if they are you will still have the option of placing the order (pre-order) which as soon as the item is available it will then be shipped/delivered or available for pick-up at that time.

Installment Payment Options for Custom Units:

  Holy Grail of Beauty Supply, LLC has payment options for customers to pay deposit up front which is half the price to ensure the construction of the unit begins & remaining balance due upon the completion of the custom unit.  This will be an installment payment of 2 payments breaking down the total cost in 2.  If you are needing more payments to pay the total cost we can outline a different installment payment option & down payment cost.  Please consult us if you would like to inquire about this option.  Click Heading for more details


  All custom unit prices & packages include a free install, free shipping or delivery/pick-up, styling/cut.  There are no hidden fee's or extra costs for the installment of your unit etc.  ONLY ONE PRICE!  However; we currently can only provide the free install for our surrounding local clients/Virginia customers & limited locations in Pennsylvania at this time.  We are working on making this possible for other locations but do not provide this option for customers outside these specific locations at this time.  After the construction of your unit is complete & ready for shipping we will provide you with details of our appointed stylist to make your appointment for your free install shall you need the help applying your new custom unit. Click Heading for more details.

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