360 Lace Frontals
360 Lace Frontals
360 Lace Frontals
360 Lace Frontals
360 Lace Frontals
360 Lace Frontals
360 Lace Frontals
360 Lace Frontals

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360 Lace Frontals

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  Do you love wearing your hair pulled up in high buns/ponytails or work in an environment where you need to have the hair pulled back from the face?  You love wearing extensions with more protective coverage with the option of many different looks & crafty styles? If so, then a 360 lace frontal closure is exactly what you are looking for!  360 lace frontals are exactly what they sound like.  A 360 lace closure which surrounds the whole entire perimeter of the crown/hairline.  360 meaning, circular, all the way around, the whole outside.  The 360 lace frontal closures are created to give off an illusion of a natural hairline/hair/scalp.  It can be parted in any direction within that area of the lace and styled many ways.  360 closures are created with a thin layer of lace in order to melt the lace into the skin/hairline for a better way to make the lace less visible or less detectable.  The benefits of 360 lace frontal closures:
  • Can style or part the hair in a variety of crafty styles & looks within the lace area.
  • Gives the most ULTIMATE hairline/hair/scalp illusion possible amongst a full lace wig.
  • Surrounds the entire perimeter giving more options for a quick change up with hair styles.
  • A complete optimal solution for high-buns, high-ponytails/up-do styles.
  • Can be used for wig constructions, D.I.Y wig making projects, sew-in closures, quick weaves etc.
  • Easy & quick installs.
  • Less time consumption when constructing custom units or sew-in application than any other closure choice.
  • Less visibility of hair extensions & less hair extension use.
  • More hair extension coverage when styling.
  • Hair can be colored, bleached, or chemically processed.
  • Can be washed, brushed, combed & re-installed or reused numerous times.
  • Hair is bouncy, smooth & soft.
  • Different hair products can be applied.
  • Can be flat-ironed, straightened, blow dried & returned back to it's natural & original state or texture.
  • ALL hair is co-washed (smells amazing) before sending.
  • Pre-bleached knots as well as pre-plucked.
  • No shedding.
  • No tangling.
  • Lasts a very long time, can be used for months, years or however long you want it to last as long as the hair is cared for properly.  Most customers have the same hair 1-3yrs before replacing. 
  • Options available in different textures, lengths and colors.  #CC color option=Custom Color.  *Please refer to custom color policy upon orders.

Again if you love pulling your hair high, different styling options or styles this closure is a MUST buy! 

We offer this product in different textures, lengths and colors.  #CC color option is our custom color option.  Please refer to our custom color policy upon ordering any custom color options.  Also refer to our return/refund policies as well to become familiar with our policies.